Covington, GA.

Currently, Cents$ay is a student at the University of Georgia. He expresses how he has always been around music & he eventually developed a genuine passion for it. Over time, he taught himself to do a bit of everything from engineering, to producing, and playing percussion amongst other things. His music is a direct expression of himself, and $ocially Crrct. 

IG: @centssay

Atlanta, GA
Growing up, music has always been a part of his life. $terCurt expresses how he hears music everywhere, whether it is at home, school, or even church. He personally became interested in music after enrolling at the University of Georgia. That is where he got his first hands-on interaction with music by learning to mix tracks. Soon after, he began to record and mix his own songs. He explains his music is a direct reflection of his own experiences and growth as an individual and artist, while also providing entertainment for listeners.

IG: @1stercurt     

Drop $inatra, songwriter/rapper & inspiring actor from East Point, has worked with well-known artist such as DJ Toomp, Rocko, and several others. Drop got is start as a co-writer on "Do it with No Hands" with longtime friend Suga Suga, and continues to write for many prominent artists. He describes his rap style as D-Boy sophisticated, a style which paints the perfect picture of the struggles & triumphs that surround he and places he's been. As he effortlessly switches from an Al Green like melodic crooning to the grittiest of rap deliveries and back again, Drop is already stamping his position in hip-hop.

Meet the Artists 

Vito Cassiferro, born Timothy Daniels on November 23rd, 1988 believes that his love for music was embedded into his DNA. Though he knows the business behind the music is an important part of his career, the music is what keeps his interest on a daily basis. With his versatile style, his demographics goes from the young kid that listens to every lyric to that woman prepping to go hang out with her friends. When asked who was his influence, Jigga (Jay-Z) is the first person that comes to mind. His demeanor and hustle is what Vito Cassiferro thinks what enables a street dude to become the owner of an empire.

Humble would be the perfect word to describe this Riverdale, Georgia native, that grew seeing several counterparts follow their dreams and make them a reality. With no limitations to his craft, Vito Cassiferro is thankful to have the family support of his brothers and father. He reps for the south side of Atlanta and strives to be a motivation to street guys across the nation

Returning from his musical hiatus, A’OneDaPrezident formerly known as “Uzi”/ “Killa Uzi” from the underground hip-hop duo, Fruntlyne, reemerges on the underground scene. Born in Philly, but raised on Atlanta’s Westside, “Simpson Road”, A’One has recaptured a growing fan base with his treal-ity lyrics and traphouse content. During his upbringing in the urban neighborhoods of Atlanta, he was inspired to write music at a young age by listening to such artists as TuPac, UGK, 8Ball and MJG, Outkast, B.G., and 3 Six Mafia. He soon formed the group Fruntlyne with member Charlie Choppa, and they were signed to 4B Entertainment as members of the Swatz Cartel.

Illustrating his life on the streets depicted in his urban, straight forward “hood narratives”, A’One has perfected his melodic sound to make his distinguishable voice and his music easily recognizable. He has worked with a number of mainstream and underground artists, including Bone Crusher, Zac Brown of the Grammy award winning Zac Brown Band, Quebo Gold Joe Blacc, Bizzle Da Vinci, Attitude the Dude, Lil’ Bait, Swatz Cartel, Guop Gambino, Tatt WTF, Kobra Grind, and Jozepi Starfire.